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Welcome to the Energy Dialogues podcast, home to THE most critical and informative conversations about energy topics among top industry leaders and key decision-makers.

Listen in to stay informed on crucial issues affecting global energy delivery, including sustainability goals, renewable energy goals, corporate social responsibility initiatives, future of the industry, and much more.

Get ready, because the Energy Dialogue starts now.

Jun 8, 2021

For the second year, Energy Dialogues is collaborating with ExxonMobil LNG and the Power Play Awards bringing together a fantastic group of ambassadors to discuss diversity, inclusion and supplier diversity, specifically highlighting some more practical measures being used to support women in LNG. All participants are current or past Power Play judges and have different perspectives to add to the conversation.
Some topics discussed: 
  • What is the role of men in supporting and empowering women-owned businesses?
  • What are the challenges that Supplier Diversity faces outside the U.S.?
  • What advice would you give to other women that want to establish their business?
  • Elizabeth Vazquez, CEO & Co-founder, WeConnect International
  • Stuart Broadley, CEO, Energy Industry Council
  • Monika Simoes, MD & Founder, Energy Dialogues LLC
  • Ileana Ferber, Manager, Local Content & Global Supplier Diversity, ExxonMobil